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Maya / Cinema 4D / Zbrush / Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

These images are highlighting cutting edge biomechanic products. The first is an Exo skeleton suit designed by SuitX. This product helps people who are on the paralyzed spectrum to walk. Since the suit is designed to be controlled with nodes that are placed inside the crutches, users only need upper body mobility to use it. The back, hip and leg braces are programed to initiate a walk cycle and carry the individual throughout the movement.

These second set of illustrations are based on electro mechanical prosthetics which are being developed by the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The team developed a prosthetic which is attached directly into the bone and controlled with the Myo armband. This process called electromyography. With the armband, users can essentially control the prosthetic arm using brain signals. Current research is being done to give the sensation of touch through the prosthetics. During this process, nerves are taken from one part of the body and reattached at the connection point of the exoskeleton.

Below is the final render from this project. I used multiple render passes from cinema 4D before compositing the images in Adobe photoshop. I then exported them to illustrator to implement typography.
This is a concept I developed by combining the two peices of technology from Myo and PhoeniX. While the illustration is a concept, the aim of this project was to create a feasible product based on existing cutting edge technology.

Thank you for viewing this project.
I encourage you to take a look at the visual development and motion graphics portion also to really grasp this project and connect my journey.