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Programs Used

Maya / Cinema 4D / Zbrush / Substance Painter / After Effects / Photoshop

Over the latter course of this semester, I focused on a film that highlighted an exoSkeleton based on the 'Phoenix' suit from the company SuitX. I developed the film with a narrative approach that connected with viewers on an emotional level.

After developing my storyboard and consulting with my thesis/motion graphics professors, I started to build my scenes with a variety of modeling tools. I then exported all my assets to Cinema 4D for compositing and animation. As I rendered stills, I met with my professors every week to get feedback. During this stage I had the opportunity to get feedback from Brandon Scott, an art director from Guru Studio during his special guest visit to Sheridan College.

The images above are examples of my early test tenders. After rebuilding/compositing the sets, I reshot the scenes to reflect feedback I received and also to bring focus back to the narrative. Below are some stills of before and after images.

Here is a first pass of the film. In the coming weeks I'll be refining the film and adding sound. Once the narrative portion is complete, I will include credits with motion graphics to briefly explain the mechanics of the exoskeleton.

Play film below.

After more feedback from peers and professors, I went ahead with compositing the final film to complete the motion portion of this project.